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Welcome to Dot4 Promotions!

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We currently offer the following  


Personalized Promotional Products
Trade Show Giveaways
Merchandising Web Stores / Fulfillment Programs
Sales Incentives – premiums and gifts

Party Favors – creative products for themed events
Printing Services – POS, direct mail and marketing material
Custom Product Creation – unique concepts and designs

Displays – wood, metal, wire, composite, injection molded, interactive, light and motion


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With over three decades of creating promotional solutions, Dot4 utilizes their countless manufacturing contacts in the U.S. and abroad to help make all your promotions successful. Dot4 is a one-stop resource for all of your merchandising needs.

Creative Ideas

Whether you are simply looking to have your corporate logo branded on a Bic® pen or you want a custom product built from the ground up, we can help make your next promotional venture a successful one!

Customer Satisfaction

Dot4 will help you find a high quality product at the right price to fit your promotional campaign. Our attention to detail and excellent customer service will make your experience with Dot4 a pleasure. Let’s Talk about your next promotion or event!